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Lawler & Associates, P.C., has a solid history of obtaining favorable outcomes for our insurance defense clients. Led by founding attorney Marion Lawler, our firm focuses on results through any means necessary. Many times, our successes come outside of court, through negotiations or dropped claims. When the case calls for it, our firm is ready to litigate through trial. Backed by legal victories both in and out of court, we continue to help clients achieve their legal goals.

Helping Insurance Defense Clients Mitigate Substantial Losses at Trial

Read more about one of our representative trial verdicts that we obtained for an insurance defense client:

Lawler & Associates, P.C., acted as defense counsel for a prominent insurance company and its insureds during a jury trial in Cameron County, Texas. Our client was an insurer that represented a gentleman who had caused a car accident, allegedly injuring two people. Plaintiff’s counsel sought an award of more than $3.5 million, citing exorbitant costs for medical expenses and life care plans for his two clients. Prior to the trial, the carrier had offered approximately $100,000 in settlement.

Our firm used a wide variety of legal tactics to defend our client’s position during trial. Through strategic jury selection, solid evidence, expert witness testimony and skilled legal arguments, we convinced the jury of our position. A verdict was returned at the end of the four-day trial awarding the plaintiffs a total of only $115,078.81 — a far cry from the $3.5 million demand.

Defense Verdict in a One Million Dollar Medical Malpractice/Fraud Case

Lawler & Associates, P.C., recently obtained a defense verdict for a prominent insurance company and its Insured who was a medical doctor in Cameron County, Texas. It was alleged that the Insured/Defendant committed common law fraud by administering unnecessary medical treatment, as well as overcharging the Plaintiff, a self insured business, for the medical services that was provided to one of its employees. The Plaintiff was seeking reimbursement for money paid on behalf of its employee as well as attorneys fees and punitive damages. Over the course of a 3 day trial, Lawler & Associates, P.C. were able to excude potential culpatory evidence, as well as obtain directed verdicts on the issues of punitive damages and attorneys fees. The jury charge was submitted to the jury members on the third day of trial after cross examining Plaintiff’s witnesses and experts and direct examination of Defendant’s witnesses and experts. Lawler & Associates, P.C. were able to obtain a defense verdict that the Defendant did not commit fraud through briefing and arguing substantive legal issues, strategic jury selection and skilled and experienced advocacy.

Rio Grande Valley Insurance Defense Lawyer

Lawler & Associates, P.C. has a strong history of obtaining legal victories for major carriers and their insureds throughout South Texas. To learn more about our services, contact our firm at 956-720-0790 and ask to speak with a Brownsville insurer liability defense attorney.

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